Bullet Club v. WWE: An Indy Insight

Professional Wrestling and I have an odd relationship. I was maybe 2 or 3 when my dad watched The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on Monday and Tuesdays, but I vaguely remember that. in 2005-06 is when wrestling was really an obsession of mine. For al the wrestling fans out there we all have the first match that really made you a true fan, and for me it was Mick Foley v. Edge in a hardcore match at Wrestlemania 22. It was maybe the most hyper-violent, bloody, and extreme thing I have ever seen in my life, and it hooked me right there. Of course then I think most of us have a moment during teenage years where we leave for a bit, and I was the same in around 2008-09. For those who were watching, I missed the CM Punk pipe bomb and his rise to fame (and subsequent fall as well), the rise Daniel Bryan, The Shield formation and breakup, and other angles and storylines.

It wasn’t until fairly recently when I got back into it. I think I was looking at highlights from old Wrestlemaninas on youtube when they recommended me a highlight video of a group called the Bullet Club. For those who aren’t current in wrestling, the Bullet Club are a group based in New Japan Pro Wrestling (the biggest wrestling company not named WWE) and have taken the the business by storm. As a group, they have some of the best matches, the best independent talent, and the best merchandise sales of any company. What’s truly amazing is the group in a whole are all fans of wrestling so they use a lot of throwback moves and gestures, like the NWO too sweet hand gesture and the DX suck it crotch chop. The nostalgia and actual athleticism in quality matches got me right back into the swing of things, but only the independent brands such as NJPW, Ring Of Honor, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. WWE, while being still the king of pro wrestling, doesn’t grab me the same way, and honestly I don’t watch their product.

The current incarnation of the Bullet Club working outside of NJPW, consisting of the best tag team ever The Young Bucks, the Villain Marty Scrull, former WWE superstar and current American Nightmare Cody (Rhodes but WWE owns his last name via trademark), and Adam “Hangman” Page, recently invaded a live Monday Night Raw event with at least thousands of loyal fans and pretty much mocking the WWE. Again for all the WWE marks, the joke was they were paying homage to the 1998 WWE (then WWF) invasion of WCW angle. Unfortunately for the Bullet Club, WWE executives were not to keen on the joke and retaliated with a Cease and Desist on the Young Bucks specifically regarding the use of the too sweet and merch relating to the hand gesture, doing the DX crotch chop, and even saying “Too Sweet” or “Suck it!” in any way.

Now, months later since the faux invasion, it’s getting a little heated between the two sides. Certain employees of the WWE have come out and shamed the Bullet Club, specifically the Bucks, and called them out for “not being original characters” and ripping off the past. On top of that, a WWE writer named and former independent wrestling star Jimmy Jacobs was fired by the company reasons for multiple issues, but the main one stemming from him taking a picture with his friends the Bullet Club during the mock invasion. Instead of shutting there mouths and tucking their tails between their legs, the boys have began taking shots at WWE at the most ROH pay-per-view tour, mocking certain stars, the actual cease and desist letter, and insulting the fact WWE is working on Christmas Day.

It’s clear that the Bullet Club, with their endless fan support and ability to speak out without penalty from ROH/New Japan, could be possibly gearing for a new version of The Monday Night Wars. For the next couple months independent wrestling is more than likely going to have a influx of new fans watching a Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Cody match hoping for the next shot against the big dogs in Connecticut. WWE might not embrace this since Bullet Club is not in the WWE therefore it doesn’t exist, but any slip up by any employee or wrestler being interviewed give a smart comment is only playing into the Club’s hands. Any type of retaliation at this point from the WWE will most likely be made into a plot point in the “Being The Elite” youtube series, making the Club only more popular and more relevant in 2017. If ROH gets a major TV deal and does live tapings at any point, professional wrestling might be back in a big way, which makes 12 year old and current 21 year old me VERY happy.

P.S- If anyone still thinks any Bullet Club members will sign with WWE anytime soon is crazy. At this point, those dreams are pretty much dead.


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