Stranger Things Season 2: INSTANT REVIEW




Seriously thought, season 2 of Stranger Things is finally here and I had no choice but to  burned through this like the California wildfires. After 9 hours and a 3 hour power nap before going into work, I have ZERO regrets. The wait is worth it and I can officially say this might be the strongest and best 2 seasons of any show currently on television. Now I won’t be doing a insane deep dive into the entire season here (probably on the next podcast if anything) but I will probably mention some spoiler content.

Right from the jump we get a major reveal that there is another girl who has powers similar to Eleven, which was a huge first thing to show the audience after a year of our characters moving on from the breakout of monsters and the Upside Down in Hawkins. The only issue I had with this season was this new person and the very small part she has on screen. They’re maybe in a total of 50 minutes of the entire show. Again as a major reveal of more children like El being alive and out there, you figure the Duffer Brothers might have wanted to include some more back story to make the character more meaningful but I had no real interest in this character going forward. I could be played life a fiddle by this show and the next few seasons will be the search of more special kids and how they will impact the future seasons.

Now our main casts of misfits in Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas come back in a big way. Will especially had a major part in this series and some of the most impactful scenes and dialogue throughout the new season, and I really enjoyed he as the integral part of the key to stop the Upside Down (only fitting after the end of season one). Dustin continues to have some of the best comedic chops for a kid his age and hopes he gets more roles in other projects. Lucas Geta his due and gets the new girl in school Max. But, man is Finn Wolfhard (Mike) having a incredible 2017. Not only was he really good in this as he still misses his girl and seeing his best friend go through some dark shit, but his role in the new version of IT might have been the standout role of 2017. I really look forward to seeing this kids grow in this show and what the future holds for them.

Eleven comes back and she’s still her badass self, just with a little more hair. Her and Chief Hopper have a great relationship that goes through all sorts of shit from beginning to end. El looks like she also is getting more powerful and might be the key to stopping the monsters from the Upside Down. The Demigorgens also are back and still killing machines, but they are puppy dogs (intentional reference if you have seen the entire season) compared to what ever “Him”, or the shadow monster from the trailer,  is and how he will impact the show in future seasons. Im telling you, this thing might be like if a Zenomorph and the Empire combined in power and look and could bend different dimensions of the universe.  But, the most important part of this season might be that THAT FUCKING LOSER STEVE “FERRIS BEULER” HARRINGTON GOT CUCKED BY JOHNATHAN AKA MR STEAL YO GIRL. I LITERALLY WAS SO HAPPY I COULDN’T TAKE IT. I DON’T CARE IF THAT MAKES ME A LOSER JOHNATHAN FINALLY GOT THE GIRL AND I WAS PUNCHING MY FLOOR. FUCK YOU IF YOU LIKE STEVE (he kinda gets redeemed at the end and I kinda want him to get Nancy back, call me a hypocrite fine). Also, shout out to Sean Astin for being my new favorite TV dad. Give him the Emmy man.

Now, what really was fucking impressive was the CGI and cinematography of the new season. I’m pretty sure the heads of Netflix cut a blank check to the Duffer Brothers and told them to go crazy. My word is the CGI impressive in this. There is one particular shot of someone about to get their shit eaten by a Demigorgen and the detail and realism looked soooooooooo good. On top of that the 80s feel that you get some great moments of action and the usual Stranger Things awesomeness of nostalgia and doing something a lot of shows and movies get wrong and MAKE YOU CARE ABOUT JUST ABOUT EVERY MAJOR CHARACTER THEY PRESENT TO OUR FACES. The ending is left with a little less of the huge cliffhanger that season one had, but the Upside Down isn’t over with the real world and “HE” is still planning to fuck this shit up.

Just go out and watch this goddamn series. I honestly am going to rewatch every episode again just because it’s that good. In closing, FUCK BARB. I AM SO GLAD WE DIDIN’T  HAVE A GIANT SUBPLOT BE FINDING BARB AND HER DECOMPOSING CORPSE AND SHE FINALLY HAD A FUNERAL TO BURY HER STUPID ASS. ALSO FUCK YOU IF YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE “JUSTICE 4 BARB” LOSERS WHO DON’T HAVE A FUCKING LIFE. SHE DIED, DEAL WITH IT. NANCY GOT THE PIPE AND BARB GOT GOT AND THAT’S ALL WE NEEDED TO KNOW. Now, we have to painfully wait for what’s next for another year plus and I might not be able to make it. Dammit.

Score: Perfection and nothing less.

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