Lil Peep: In Memoriam


It’s been a minute since I last posted here outside of the new podcast, and honestly this isn’t the way I wanted to come back. But, with recent events I feel like I need to post my thoughts and feelings on the matter at hand.

I didn’t think I would be as affected with the passing of Lil Peep last night, but something about it makes me incredibly sad and hurts my heart. If you don’t know who Peep was or listen to his music all that much, I will post a link to his Soundcloud at the bottom of this. Personally, I’ve been listening to him for a minute and really been digging his new album Come Home When You’re Sober Pt. 1. As someone who grew up into alternative music and different sounds outside of the mainstream, I hope for those who read this and are fans of alternative music go back and bump his stuff in this dark moment in the scene.

I never met Peep or even had a conversation with the man, but through his music I felt like we connected on a personal level. His music dives into topics life self medication, depression and mental and emotional health, addiction and so forth. Personally, I have never dipped into drugs heavily and don’t drink a ton, but as someone who definitely has battles with my own depression and anxiety in the past 6 or more years, Peep’s content was relatable and I fucked with him hard. He spoke from the heart and poured his entire life into his music and made it for those who appreciate his art. As an actual person that I’ve seen in interviews and articles, his style and personality was what really drew me in as he represented everything I have dealt with and stood for, and that’s the outcast and anti-popular crowd who don’t have a voice. Unfortunately, his battles with depression got the better of him and self medication to suppress his emotions and feelings seem to have cost him his life.

At 21 years of age, unfortunately it was his time to move on, and it really sucks that today we all mourn what could have been the next artist to blow up in the alternative genre. I’ve seen everyone from Post Malone, Riff Raff, Diplo, Sam Smith, and countless others come out and post the the nicest and heartbreaking things about their relations and thoughts of Peep. It seems as if everyone he’s come into contact with, he has made a positive impression on their life. In no way do I think he did this to himself on purpose, but drugs shouldn’t be the thing to abuse to feel better. I do think prescribed medication can help those who need it, but drugs like pressed Xanax are not something that should be used to deal with mental health (look up the difference between pressed and regular Xanax and see what I’m talking about). Again, drug abuse isn’t what really affected Peep, it was his depression and mental health that got to him. Everyone has their ways to cope, and I’m deeply saddened to hear it got the better of Peep. If you are reading this and need to talk to someone about your issues, contact your local specialist, Suicide Prevention Hotline, and feel free if you want to message me personally @TJMoore2014 on twitter or email our podcast email Sometimes the best way to help with depression is talking to someone close or a person who can relate to what you’re going through.

Lil Peep will go down as another young artist that was gone too soon. We only saw the beginning of what could have been a bright and promising career. But, Peep was a human with real human issues. I really didn’t think I would write about this, but in a mourning state I feel being creative and remembering the good of someone can help those who are feeling the same way. Anyone who was his fan, friend, family, or anything I hope my words provide a slight feeling of hope and happiness in this awful time. Rest in Peace Peep, I hope your pain is gone and you found tranquility and peace.

Editor’s Note: Reports are that Lil Peep overdosed on Heroin. There is also a video of someone looking at him in a state that looks like he was unresponsive. I will not post the video here due to it’s hard to watch but just make sure anyone going through the same stuff  try to get help, you are loved and matter, drug abuse shouldn’t be the first solution in suppressing anything.

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