Hello Again

Yea, so life right? Wild thing this whole thing is. First, I do want to apologize to anyone who follows this blog and watched it go dormant without any real explanation. To give some background on what has been happening the past almost year now, I work retail sales as my main profession. I do enjoy what I do for work, but it does take a major chunk from my spare time as far as other interest and hobbies I have/ want to have. During the holiday seasons it gets incredibly busy and time consuming, which in turn affected my ability to review any media that is of interest to me, as well as write anything really. Once that was over I was offered a different position which I thought was gonna help in the long run get back to some type of normalcy and ease my way back into this blog as well as other pursuits I wanted to complete. That did not happen in the slightest due to unforeseen circumstances that presented itself along the way. Basically I worked 5 (sometimes 6) days a week by myself from anywhere to 11-12 hours a day. Any ounce of motivation I had was killed very quickly, and I ended up pretty much in a depressed rut.

Thankfully, I finally got the nerve and asked to be reassigned to another group within the company and now find myself in a much happier place. Slowly the motivation has come back and I’m feeling better about myself overall I’m trying to dip my pen back into the old ink here. I do want to say to anyone reading this, mental health is seriously important and should not be taken lightly. If you are reading this and feel depressed, angry, sad, anxiety written, whatever it is I encourage you to either seek out a specialist to help or at least talk to a close friend or family member. I have communication problems when it comes to myself and my well being and definitely try to fix it without the help of others, but honestly I can’t and neither can anyone really. Talking to someone helped me when I needed it the most, and I’m confident you will feel at least a little better.

As far as the future of what this site is going to look like, I am only just starting to formulate a game plan. I don’t want to commit to a schedule now to only go back on my word again. Also, I think a review blog is great, but I do want to incorporate more think-piece material and thoughts on pop culture things that intrigue my taste and interest in a more analytical approach (NO POLITICS I SWEAR, that will invite a crowd I’m not looking to engage in. Plus, I have no strong interest or takes of the current political climate). Reviews will not be going away anytime soon, but they won’t be the main focus of what I will be writing about regularly. I will have a new post later today regarding this past weekend’s debacle at UFC 229, and hopefully one later this week with a review of Venom, once the box office and more reviews come together.

Stay tuned.


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